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Способ предотвращения болезней в потомстве людей и животных

It turns out that in the diseased organism, as and in the affected train, all not that guys!

As a result, the treatment from of many diseases, mentioned in the list: patients along and across the rugged a under the influence of the scalpel, poisoned by the chemistry, of deep-irradiated, they will inevitably come to my colleague - the therapist, who in the course of training at university with a huge variety of medical disciplines that are inaccessible to the mind, knows a little, about everything, but specifically about anything.

So, for example, difficulty for detect changes in DNA structure and genes, as a rule, are expressed in ugliness resistant to treatment in organisms that is accessible to diagnostics and not the naked eye.

This fact indicates that modern genetics cannot provide the diagnosis and monitoring of the set variable levels of viability in the absence of overt signs of pathology. However, she obsessively tries to make it through the anti-scientific lies and advertising gimmicks designed to redemption unjustified hopes and expended wasted trillions of Finance.

For example pregnancy, in healthy rats, which takes place against a background of semi-starvation diet of protein, was escorted into childhood dystrophy, dental caries, irreversible changes in tissues and organs up and decrease the concentration of DNA in cells, not without changing its structure.

Having lost the way among two birches, in the form of purine and pyrimidine the bases: adenine - guanine and thymine – uracil, genetics exaggerate value of DNA in an organism together with own applicability in a science and a practice. Consequence of it became below mentioned a reality, perverted to the detriment of health of animals and people.

In anxiety concerning what ugliness will be born in following generation, we distinctly realize similar to researchers in the field of genetics an outstanding role of surgeons in reproduction of cardio-defects, a harelip, blindness, absence in the newborn organism from intestines of the external aperture and so it is infinite.

In the field of experimental oncology it was possible to be convinced, that the researchers can sometimes get rid of cancer cells and from a tumor how to get rid of signal light bulb by means of a hammer, but not from of cause, which have generated illness, her inevitable return after treatment and death of an organism.

Coming back to a problem of our survival and development in unity of organisms of an environment will be pertinently to mention about arisen virus epidemic at sheep’s and furiousness at cows on the Native land of cloning of mammals. In the same place, researchers have undertaken search of a nonexistent gene in the nature which would supervise health or longevity irrespective of a full set of chromosomes.

By the way, the cloning of organisms, with similar to us dystrophies on an example of brothers smaller, in the absence of quality selection, and together with and absence it variability of biological forms, that encompasses the need for their perfection, was inevitably expressed in the loss of organisms ability to their survival. In particular, the cloning was aggravated with occurrence of a congenital arthritis in sheep’s, and a birth of the person - the ugly creature.

The prevailing part of sheep’s has been destroyed in connection with virus epidemic, in consequence of that, on a fire has burned down together with wool of 10 million sheep’s. As a result, Kingdom of the Great Britain has lost 12 billion pounds sterling, besides is absolute without a guarantee to exclude relapse of epidemic. Financial losses will reach trillions, if to consider natural occurrence in the same country of a spongy encephalopathy, i.e. furiousness at the cows, in the World patients with leukemia of herd and destroyed owing to flu very much a plenty of birds which also are intended for a food of people not without damage to their health. Перейти на страницу: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12