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Способ предотвращения болезней в потомстве людей и животных

Confirmation of the new assumptions evident in the experimentally detected in the confrontation between the high level of metabolism in wild mice and rats, compared with a low level - at the weakened animal vivarium suffering from cancer. This opposition reflects the difference found in more than 10 times and averaged 3.5-fold.

The reliability of selected areas of research confirmed in the following set of experiments (Tables: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

In the progeny traced the continuity of levels of metabolism from parents;

Prevailing influence of levels in the offspring was dictated by the condition of the fetus during pregnancy in the womb;

It is shown that viability in the offspring gradually is lost, depending on the reduction of levels and, on the contrary, restored in accordance with the increase of parental levels of metabolism;

It turned out, that low levels of metabolism are allowed and, conversely, high - prohibit the manifestation of any pathology;

That’s why in order to prevent the weak and get viable offspring prior to conception of the latter, in laboratory animals has been made the selection of parents with high levels of metabolism.

The ability to quickly get rid of cancer, which was secured in the offspring for decades and hundreds of generations, has been provided through selection and breeding of mice with high levels of metabolism.

By studying the levels of metabolism in paddlers, swimmers and wrestlers, to the surprise of trainers, easy to identify the confrontation of individual performance sport.

Also revealed that historically people have lost high level of a metabolism and, therefore, he needs to recover. As a result we are forced to silently contemplate: and the indomitable growth of a wide range of diseases, and the probability of extinction of humanity.

During the registration of levels at different species of zoo mammals it has been shown that the high metabolism levels are typical not only for small, but also for big animals with weight of 100 kg and more.

Study have shown, that accepted as criterion of viability levels of energy, a matter, exchange interaction or a metabolism possess the contradictory affiliation and express an infinite variety of forms of movement, or attributes of being.

In particular, inconsistent character of levels belongs:

- Opposite sexes – male and female;

- Natural selection and reproduction – qualitative and quantitative;

- Onto- and phylogenetic - spatial and temporal;

- Species and individuality – universal and particular;

- Synthesis and destruction – anabolic and catabolic;

- Quiescence and motion – potential and kinetic;

- Health and disease - normal and pathological and so on.

For example, qualitative selection of the most viable organisms, that have high metabolism levels and corresponding fertileness, provides preservation of a kind, i.e. quantitative reproduction of descendants in excess. In its turn quantitative reproduction of descendants provides perfection of species, i.e. qualitative selection of the most viable organisms according to the high metabolism level. In a similar way takes place realize ontogeny and phylogeny, where spatial or intrauterine level of fetus provides the temporal, that is, level of a metabolism of an adult organism, after a birth, and on the contrary.

The same way displays inherent the for self-motion’s, the connection between the type and individual organisms, potential and kinetic, destruction and synthesis, negation and affirmation etc. Перейти на страницу: 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12